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The Pilates Method certification requires extensive training and practice. You’ll know that you are working with a professional whenever you step into PilatesHouston.

Bounce Back into Activity

Our Pilates instructors will facilitate you achieving your best possible level of physical activity.

Conditioning with Pilates

Pilates provides excellent conditioning for the flexibility and resilience needed to be at the top of your game.


Pilates contributes to your overall fitness.


Regular practice of the Pilates Method brings about lasting well-being.

Specialized Service

Concerned, professional instructors can provide assistance for your unique physical condition.


Preparing for a marathon or just staying in shape for a physically-demanding occupation requires ongoing conditioning guided by a professional.

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Experience the Pilates Method with the guidance of a professional and experienced instructor.

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Feb 21st, 2014

Category: Series
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Fletcher Pilates® Preparatory Course

This 30-hour program is the ideal, most affordable and efficient way to prepare to enter our Comprehensive Program of Study to become a Qualified Fletcher Pilates Teacher. Based on Ron Fletcher’s philosophy of “knowing movement in the body,” the Preparatory Course covers the full beginning/intermediate Fletcher Pilates syllabus, enabling students to experience each piece of Read more...

Jun 7th, 2014

Category: Workshop
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Fletcher Pilates® Spine Corrector Course

This course provides the most innovative and comprehensive exploration of this vital Pilates apparatus. Learn to teach the original spine corrector syllabus, as taught to Ron Fletcher by Clara Pilates, as well as a wide variety of innovations on the spine corrector developed by Fletcher over the course of 5 decades. Designed primarily as a Read more...